5 Ways For Women to Look Younger

5 Ways Women look Younger

Q&A with Vicki Rapaport MD As featured on Breezymama.com


5 Ways Women look Younger –>Let’s be honest here: some of us are looking younger than others and it isn’t always great genes! Breezy Mama got curious as to what treatments are popular in erasing fine lines and turned to Beverly Hills’ own Dr. Vicki Rapaport M.D., founder of SKN beverly hills skin care line and Rapaport Dermatology, who works with some well known Hollywood faces, to get the scoop on the secrets women are using to beat the aging game.

What is the top treatment women are doing to reduce fine lines?

Botox™ to crows feet is the top injectable treatment (we have always been doing it since Botox’™ inception but it was officially FDA approved for crows feet indication last year). Eye creams with growth factors (Neo Cutis’ Lumiere) and serums of all kinds are hot right now. We like SKN beverly hills’ Black Serum in Red Tea or Pure Essential Lipids. If you do Botox™, these serums and growth factor creams are essential to help the treatment have lasting results.

What are some other options in addition to Botox™ that are popular?

Clarsonic’s Opal is a close second for at-home softening of the lines. It helps the serums penetrate deeper to visibly smooth the eye area. Ultherapy tightening laser helps fine lines as well.

Belotero is a new injectable filler that is a miracle on the fine lines that we could not fill in the past with the thicker fillers we had. It is amazing for lines around the mouth, most notably the upper lip area in smokers.

What’s involved in each of these treatments?

For the filler Belotero, usually a numbing cream is applied for 30 minutes before the injection to reduce pain but after that it is a simple injection that takes 5-10 minutes.

What’s the most expensive? The least expensive?

Ultherapy is the most expensive = $1000-$2000, Belotero can run $200-$500 depending on how much is used, Botox™ is $200-$800 depending on how much is injected. Opal is around $140.

What are simple fixes that women are turning to reduce wrinkles?

Wishful thinking ladies! There is no simple true fix. Surely there are the claims that the creams and various products reduce wrinkles but they are merely pieces of the picture. The whole picture includes sun avoidance, sunscreen, retinoids to help peel the skin, peels, and creams with peptides and growth factors to repair damage and build tissue. It can take months of consistency but it will work over time. A good Dermatologist can implement a skincare plan for you

What do you recommend for fine lines?

To this day I love the retinoids. This does not mean over the counter retinol which is very weak, this means RX Retin-A or Tazorac! Over time the skin can look much smoother. That is for the at-home part. For the in-office part, I love TCA (TriChloracetic Acid ) peels and lasers.

What gives women the over botoxed look?

The over Botoxed look is one of two issue: 1)Waaaay too much Botox in waaaay too many areas or 2) slightly imperfect uptake of the Botox™ that can easily be corrected but the patient doesn’t know to follow up with their dermatologist for a quick check. I recommend doing it either in one or two areas only or doing the whole upper half of the face but in “baby” doses, less units than are needed to fully relax the muscles. This will still allow you to move and see a few lines but it will look much more natural. I highly recommend that if you aren’t perfectly satisfied, make an appointment to see your dermatologist or whomever injected you about 2-3 weeks after that last injection and tell them your issues or concerns. It is usually quite easy to do a touch up or add a few units here and there to make it perfect.

What are other common mistakes women can make that make them appear as though they have “done” too much versus subtle changes that you can’t tell?

The lips. Oy, the lips. A beautiful full lip doesn’t mean huge lips. It is just so awkward to talk to someone with huge lips and it just makes those woman look like comic book characters, so unnatural.

The cheeks can be an amazing place to fill, especially with the newest filler on the block, Voluma but a bad injector can do an awful job if they are not experienced in this area. Lifting the cheeks can be the most youthful thing or the worst apple cheeks. Ask for befores and afters before you let just anyone work on your precious face.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Although we have many treatments to reduce fine lines, my job as a dermatologist is to educate and hopefully help prevent problems of all kinds including skin diseases and cosmetic issues. My best advice is to start early with an extreme sun avoidance lifestyle (throw away the tank tops or only wear them at night and don’t leave home without a wide brimmed hat). The sun damages the skin in such a way that there is only so much we can do so prevent the problems of wrinkles, discolorations, sagging from even occurring in the first place. Starting on your children from day one is key for their skin future as well.

vicki-rapaport1About Dr Vicki Rapaport
Dr Vicki Rapaport M.D. is a Board Certified Dermatologist with a practice in the heart of Beverly Hills.  She is also the founder of popular skincare range SKN beverly hills and the first pop-up Botox™ Bar in Beverly Hills, SKN BAR.  She is an expert of skincare and the latest in technology for anti-aging.  She is well versed on Botox™ – the pros, cons do’s and don’ts and administers wrinkle busting injections to some of the most well known faces in Hollywood. (As featured on breezymama.com)

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