Botox for Men – Brotox

Botox for Men – Brotox

Botox for men – brotox, exclaimed Vicki Rapaport MD, when asked what her big trends were in 2013 and beyond!  Her answer was not another laser treatment, instead a demographic and that demographic is men! “I’m seeing more and more men coming into my practice for the same youth-a-fixation treatments as their wives and girlfriends. They want to look great too and know there are safe, comfortable and affordable ways to combat wrinkles,” states Dr Vicki.

Usually my male patients start with a touch of Botox in between their eyebrows. Men are able to build a very thick muscle there which unfortunately translates to deep wrinkles in that area. Compared to women they can develop much deeper creases there so Botox is THE perfect treatment for that area. They are also coming in at very early stages because they have been told they can prevent, prevent, prevent.

botox for men - brotox



Dr Vicki Rapaport Shares Her Insights On The Latest New Trend – Bro-Tox as featured on

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