SKN Secret Agent


Because good skin is the best accessory, our SeCret agent is a vitamin C matrix cream for flawless skin.

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Vitamin C facial moisturizer

This top SeCret vitamin C was made by SKN beverly hills to protect your natural treasure, your face. When you’re battling brown spots, or devious dark circles, or feisty fine lines this face cream will always protect you. Our ultra stable ‘007’ of vitaminC creams is laboratory proven to be hyper-effective compared to those other agents. While virtually vanishing on your skin, SeCret agent defends your environmentally challenged face from collagen breakdown and elastin degradation. A tight and perfect face is mission possible…with the right agent.


15% vitamin C

How to use:

Use your SeCret agent whenever you need help. This cream can be applied to face once a day, morning or night.

Derm Hint:

We made sure this SeCret agent contains a super-stable 15% vitamin C formula that won’t break down or become ineffective by temperature or visible light.

Additional information

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Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in